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The party’s over, and why this might be just what Nigeria needs

(7 minute read)
Joshua Nwachukwu investigates the extraordinary cult of celebration in African society, and suggests the pandemic may have forced much-needed change.

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Asking the wrong question: how we are putting the Amazon and the world at risk

(11 minute read)
The future of the Amazon raises fundamental ethical and spiritual questions which we should all consider, even – perhaps especially – in the West, Joseph Evans argues.

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Getting curious about curiosity

(4 minute read)
What’s the point of curiosity? Prakarsh Singh examines the great power of this quality and highlights its importance in our lives. Curious? Read on!

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Pretty Hurts: The cult of (physical) beauty in Brazil

(9 minute read)
When bodily beauty matters as much as it does in a country like Brazil, the cost can be not only financial but also personal. Bianca Costa Sales explains.

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The life and soul of salmon

(8 minute read)
Jonny Parreno journeys from the supermarket counter to the moon in the company of the simple salmon, and uncovers great pearls of wisdom along the way

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