Young Writers’ Competition Fundraiser

We’re fundraising for a competition aimed at budding journalists and writers aged 17-26, offering cash prizes for our three winners, along with further opportunities for their development as writers.

At Adamah, we have a fantastic cohort of professionals who are part of our team of volunteer writers. Their rich and engaging content is vital to our work. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to Adamah so far.

However, we hope to be able to provide opportunities for young writers to develop their careers too. 

Adamah Media publishes top quality articles focusing particularly on social, cultural, and spiritual topics. It seeks to be a platform where a wide range of views can be respectfully exchanged, aiming always at fairness and truth.

At Adamah, we know we have a lot to offer and want this to benefit young talent.

Aside from the cash prizes, winners of our competition will also have the opportunity to:

– Continue to write for, and be published by, Adamah Media

– Work with Adamah’s professional editor and receive feedback and support

– Gain experience of working in a journalistic setting and writing about topical issues

Your support of our competition fundraiser could launch a young writer on their career and support Adamah too in its mission of promoting positive and respectful dialogue.
Please support our competition fundraiser:

Adamah is an online magazine exploring life’s big (and not so big) issues with an open, positive spirit. Focusing particularly on cultural, social and spiritual topics, it seeks to be a space for genuine dialogue between people of many different life-views. What unites Adamah readers is a fascination for this wonderful world and a desire to work together to make it a better place for everyone to live in.

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