About Us

What is Adamah Media?

Adamah is an online magazine exploring life’s big (and not so big) issues with an open, positive spirit. Focusing particularly on cultural, social and spiritual topics, it seeks to be a space for genuine dialogue between people of many different life-views. What unites Adamah readers is a fascination for this wonderful world and a desire to work together to make it a better place for everyone to live in. 

At Adamah, we seek to foster more truthful and respectful forms of communication in the world which promote greater social cohesion. We passionately believe in journalism which always seeks the truth, knowing that this necessarily involves seeing the various sides of every argument. One can only tell the truth through constructive dialogue with those who might think differently from oneself.

Our Story

Adamah was founded in 2019 by Joseph Evans and Luke Wilkinson who had earlier collaborated on a magazine when they were both living in London in the early 2000s. Joseph had worked as a journalist and youth worker and Luke, also a youth worker, is now head of a leading UK mentoring charity. Both practising Christians (Joseph is a Catholic priest and Luke an evangelical Anglican), they wanted a magazine which avoided all tribalism and the damaging ghetto-mentality which seems to be taking on ever more forms in the contemporary world. 

Meet Luke, Joseph and the rest of the team.

So while Adamah is confidently Christian – profoundly ecumenical but with a firm foundation in Catholic social and moral teaching – it also strives constantly to keep in mind the rather overlooked Christian call to love those who think and live differently from oneself. We want Adamah to  be characterised by the quality of its writing, thought and dialogue, intelligent without being high-brow, constantly searching but never strident, always respecting those who might not share our views and being ready to learn from them. Adamah writers are men and women who sincerely search for truth, goodness and beauty, wherever these may be found.

Adamah is therefore open to faith but respectful of doubt. It is not a space to proselytise but rather to listen and to propose and our contributors might well not be Christians or religious believers.

Indeed, many of our articles are not religious. While we ‘do’ God, a true believer is fascinated by the world and open to God’s glory in its many manifestations. 

Our goal is to be constantly positive, always seeking common ground (we even considered ‘Common Ground’ as a possible magazine title but eventually discarded it for practical reasons) and avoiding attacking the views of others. We might respectfully critique but we try not to criticise. The magazine has an international focus, striving to foster a broader, more universal worldview in our readers.

And finally, for those of you wondering, ‘Adamah’ is the biblical Hebrew word for ‘earth’ or ‘soil’. From this good soil, God formed ‘Adam’, the human person. We want our magazine to be good soil from which the human person can grow and flourish.

We’d love you to join us!

If you share our vision for Adamah, then we want to hear from you. Let us know a bit about yourself, and how you’d like to be involved. If you have an idea for an article, don’t hesitate to propose it, even if you have no prior experience as a published writer. We want to help nurture new talent, and we positively want the voices and viewpoints of as many people as possible represented.

Visit our Join Us page or email hello@adamah.media and we’ll get straight back to you!

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