About Us

Our story

Adamah Media was founded in 2019 by Joseph Evans and Luke Wilkinson. Both practising Christians (Joseph is a Catholic priest and Luke an evangelical Anglican), they wanted a magazine which avoided tribalism and the damaging ghetto-mentality present in so many aspects of contemporary life.


Our values


Adamah Media is an online magazine which aims to open minds so as to open hearts, always with a positive spirit. Adamah seeks to inspire hope for a better world.


While Adamah is confidently Christian – profoundly ecumenical but with a firm foundation in Catholic social and moral teaching – it also strives constantly to keep in mind the Christian call to love those who think and live differently from oneself. Adamah is therefore open to faith but respectful of doubt, always seeking to listen to those who might not agree with us. 



Adamah exists to foster more truthful and respectful forms of communication with a passionate belief in journalism which always seeks the truth, knowing that this necessarily involves seeing the various sides of every argument.



The magazine has an international focus, striving to foster a broader, more universal worldview in our readers. By providing thought-provoking content to curious minds across the globe, Adamah tries to build bridges over cultural, religious, political and societal chasms.



‘Adamah’ is the biblical Hebrew word for ‘earth’ or ‘soil’. Just as God formed Adam, the first human person, from this good soil, we want our magazine to be good soil from which the human person can grow and flourish.


Our vision

To become a trustworthy not-for-profit, self sustaining media platform that invests in nurturing a growing, global community of readers and writers by providing an antidote to polarisation and division.

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