Social Issues

FamilySocial IssuesThought-provoking

What’s going on in Hungary: an attack on the LGBT movement or a defence of the family?

(6 minute read) Kristof Eger scrutinises the polarising new legislation which has pitted his country against the European Union.

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Mental HealthSocial IssuesThought-provoking

Less talking, more spending

(6 minute read) Emily Bashforth argues that eating disorder clinics need better funding and more government support to reach those at risk.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Will it ever be possible to heal the world’s deepest open wound?

(6 minute read) Maddy Fry reports on changing perspectives for the future of Israeli-Palestinian cohabitation.

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FamilySocial Issues

It’s good to talk

(3 minute read) Marian Pallister reminds us that it’s good to talk, emphasising the importance of dialogue rather than force in working with refugees.

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LatestSocial IssuesThought-provoking

The Apple Daily: an obituary

(7 minute read) Joseph Long, a writer for Hong Kong’s last free newspaper ‘The Apple Daily’, chronicles its closure.

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COVID-19Social IssuesThought-provoking

A brief introduction to the end of the world as we know it

(7 minute read) Our current economic model is not sustainable. Simply creating money will only lead to ruin, argues Jonathan E Doyle.

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Art & CultureSocial Issues

The Lampedusa Cross

(4 minute read) The Lampedusa Cross in London’s British Museum is both a sign of contradiction and a sign of hope, as Jill Cook discovers.

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Mental HealthSocial Issues

Out of the mouth of babes

(4 minute read) Headteacher Clare Campbell learnt precious lessons about beauty when she asked some ‘Big Questions’ to a group of young children.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Why is it so hard to talk about Trans issues?

(7 minute read) Andrew Scott offers a pathway through the minefield of misunderstanding as he calls for more light and less heat in the debate.

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Art & CultureSocial IssuesThought-provoking

Sex and sexism in Italian theatre

(6 minute read) Isabella De Maddalena investigates a new project trying to right the wrongs, on stage and off stage.

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