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The life and death of a good man

(4 minute read) Lessons of love are to be found scattered around the memory of slain British parliamentarian David Amess, writes Ronnie Convery.

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“I think the way governments around the world dealt with the pandemic led young people to get more interested in politics”

(5 minute read) 19 year old Neo Kalungu-Banda reflects on the last 18 months and explains how young people can grow through their challenges.

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Reclaiming masculinity with The Lord of the Rings

(5 minute read) Tolkien’s classic trilogy offers an alternative to the culture of toxic masculinity which threatens men today, believes Miguel Sepúlveda.

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Conflict, conscience and poppies

(7 minute read) As ceremonies are held this month across the globe to mark the armistice, Maddy Fry explores the complex relationship between Christianity and pacifism.

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Faking the past: when debunking becomes distorting

(5 minute read) An exhibition about the Emperor Nero made Lisa Fraser ask how we should deal with history’s ‘fake news’.  

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Miscarriage in the shadow of abortion

(5 minute read) “How are women to grieve in a society that does not recognize their children as real babies?” asks Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo.

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Europe’s last dictatorship

(5 minute read) Maddy Fry shines a spotlight on the brutal reality of life inside Belarus.

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The future of work

(3 minute read) In the ‘new normal’ employers will have to balance paternalism and liberalism in their approach to work, says Prakarsh Singh.

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COVID-19LifestyleSocial IssuesThought-provoking

Dare we dream?

(5 minute read) Lisa Fraser is moved by a man who thinks a better world is not an idle fantasy.

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How schools can embrace diversity and inclusion

(3 minute read) Clare Campbell explores ways to make schools welcome places to children of all faiths and none.

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