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Fr Joseph Evans is a Catholic priest and member of the Opus Dei prelature. He has been a journalist and youth worker, and is currently a university chaplain in Manchester. He is co-founder and Editorial Director of Adamah, which he sees as bringing together some of his great passions: good writing, intelligent and honest discussion, and helping young people achieve their full potential.


Guarding the guardians: what constitutes ‘good’ religion?

(12 minute read)
Having argued that not all forms of religion are positive, Joseph Evans proposes criteria to distinguish the good from the bad.

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A double-edged sword: the power of religion for good and evil

(7 minute read)
Joseph Evans, a Catholic priest, turns a spotlight on religion’s potential for harm as well as good and dares to think the unthinkable – that not all religions are a positive force in society.

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Social Issues

Not just skin-deep: racism’s lasting wounds

(9 minute read)
Joseph Evans finds himself reflecting deeply on the reality of racism during a panel discussion, and discovers new horizons of pain he had never before considered.

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Editorial: Love not hate

Since our last edition, the Black Lives Matter campaign has dominated the headlines and so it couldn’t fail to find its way into Adamah’s pages too. While we genuinely deplore all expressions of racism, and have no doubt that many forms of it continue to exist in our world, we equally deplore the violence and […]

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Social Issues

Love not hatred is the way to end racism

(7 minute read)
“There is only one race, the race of the children of God.” These words of a great Catholic saint of the 20th century, Josemaria Escriva, nicely capture how we at Adamah view the Black Lives Matter movement, writes Joseph Evans.

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Art & CultureFamily

Telling life’s real stories

(8 minute read)
The best stories are often those not written down, believes Joseph Evans.

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Art & Culture

Poetry page

(1 minute read)
In this Easter season, Joseph Evans explores what “resurrection” might mean for us in practice, particularly in the midst of the challenges which coronavirus confinement is bringing with it.

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Five ways to lose weight in Lent

(3 minute read)
Joseph Evans argues that Lent has a meaning for believers and non-believers alike.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Asking the wrong question: how we are putting the Amazon and the world at risk

(11 minute read)
The future of the Amazon raises fundamental ethical and spiritual questions which we should all consider, even – perhaps especially – in the West, Joseph Evans argues.

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LifestyleMental HealthThought-provoking

Retreating to victory, and how silence takes us forward

In this second article in his Travelling where I am series, Joseph Evans explores silence’s hidden power and how it is necessary to make any journey meaningful.

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