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The walls are crumbling … but oh so slowly

(7 minute read) Tribal enmity still stalks the streets of Northern Ireland, but Maddy Fry finds signs of a less fraught future on the horizon.

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Stroll with Nicole

Andy Warhol and the art of letting go

(2 minute read) The temptation to nostalgia should usually be resisted, says Nicole Law.

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Art & CultureMental HealthPoetry


(2 minute read) Tascha Von Uexkull offers a poetical exploration of our perception of reality.

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Epitaph for a single woman

(5 minute read) Adam Brocklehurst examines the single life in fact and fiction.

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COVID-19FamilySocial Issues

A first-time father in a post-pandemic world

(2 minute read) Luca La Monica laments the lack of support for new dads.

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From faux pas to friendships

(4 minute read) Making friends in a new land means both losing and keeping one’s identity, as Lisa Fraser discovered.

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Stroll with Nicole

To buy or not to buy

(3 minute read) Nicole Law looks at the dilemmas of the catwalk and suggests it’s time to engage in a new way of clothes shopping.

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Broken by Brexit

(2 minute read) Alessandra Pili describes how the UK’s vote to leave the European Union broke her Sardinian-Scottish heart.

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First day at school

(3 minute read) Marie McCoy describes the triumph and trauma experienced by parents as children take their first step on the educational ladder.

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Social Issues

The essential right to be objectionable

(7 minute read) Edward Kendall urges an examination of conscience to establish whether we are really as open-minded as we like to think we are.

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