LifestyleMental Health

Prioritising: the secret to finding happiness?

(4 minute read) Lisa Fraser offers helpful hints on how to use time better. Can prioritising and planning really be the secret to finding happiness?

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Art & CultureSocial Issues

Reclaiming masculinity with The Lord of the Rings

(5 minute read) Tolkien’s classic trilogy offers an alternative to the culture of toxic masculinity which threatens men today, believes Miguel Sepúlveda.

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HistorySocial IssuesThought-provoking

Conflict, conscience and poppies

(7 minute read) As ceremonies are held this month across the globe to mark the armistice, Maddy Fry explores the complex relationship between Christianity and pacifism.

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Young Writers’ Competition Fundraiser

We’ve launched a fundraiser for a competition aimed at budding writers aged 17-26, offering cash prizes and further opportunities.

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Stroll with Nicole

Press power and infobesity

(3 minute read) Nicole Law calls for readers to adopt a healthier diet of news and opinion.

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Art & CultureHistorySocial Issues

Faking the past: when debunking becomes distorting

(5 minute read) An exhibition about the Emperor Nero made Lisa Fraser ask how we should deal with history’s ‘fake news’.  

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“Today, the divisions are more within religions than between religions”

(2 minute read) We have entered ‘a golden age of inter-religious dialogue’, Rabbi David Shlomo Rosen, the American Jewish Committee’s International Director of Interreligious Affairs, tells Maria José Atienza.

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FamilySocial Issues

Miscarriage in the shadow of abortion

(5 minute read) “How are women to grieve in a society that does not recognize their children as real babies?” asks Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo.

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Misunderstanding, media and the menopause

(5 minute read) Madi Apthorpe dares to mention the unmentionable in a plea for more openness on women’s health issues.

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Stroll with Nicole

The poetry of hope

(2 minute read) Nicole Law takes up Pope Francis’ challenge to be a ‘social poet’ and encourages us to create hope.

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