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Van Gogh revealed

(6 minute read) Forget the paintings, read his letters to discover the real Vincent, says Lisa Fraser.

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“I think the way governments around the world dealt with the pandemic led young people to get more interested in politics”

(5 minute read) 19 year old Neo Kalungu-Banda reflects on the last 18 months and explains how young people can grow through their challenges.

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Young Writers’ Competition Fundraiser

We’ve launched a fundraiser for a competition aimed at budding writers aged 17-26, offering cash prizes and further opportunities.

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(5 minute read) Monica Sharp shares the poetry she wrote during some of the most difficult times since March 2020.

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Stroll with Nicole

What makes writers write?

(3 minute read) Nicole Law searches inside and out to explain her desire to put pen to paper.

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When you just can’t write a word …

(4 minute read) Ida Nieves explores the strange phenomenon of Writer’s Block.

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Stroll with Nicole

Turning life’s prose into verse

(1 minute read) Nicole Law finds a poetry competition is a powerful therapy.

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Draw, doodle or dance: well or badly doesn’t really matter

(3 minute read)
Being happy to fail in our creative endeavours is an essential way to draw out the ‘artist child’ deep inside us all, Nicole Law discovered.

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What would Poirot do?

(6 minute read)
Kenson Li learns lessons for lockdown from the great fictional sleuth.

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The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Why writing is wonderful

Humans have used the written word for centuries, yet it is being replaced by computer work-processing. Harking back to medieval literature, Jasmine Jones discusses the beauty of writing, and our duty as humans to appreciate and preserve it.

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