Lisa Fraser Author

Lisa Fraser has worked as a political Special Adviser, in lobbying and as a consultant, before joining the Civil Service. She is a member of Catholic Voices UK, where she gives talks, communication training sessions, and writes articles. She is also a board member of the Catholic Union of Great Britain, and an executive board member of the National Board of Catholic Women. She loves long walks in the countryside, visual arts, and reading books about history and politics.


Success: are we there yet?

(9 minute read)
Lisa Fraser argues that success is always a journey and never a final destination. And we are more successful, the more we share our success.

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Faith in the workplace: how to build inclusive environments

(8 minute read)
Lisa Fraser argues that respecting the religious convictions of a workforce is a win-win situation for employers and employees alike.

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Covid-19: a chance to build bridges between generations

(7 minute read)
Lisa Fraser explains how volunteering to buy groceries for an isolated elderly neighbour has changed the way she relates to older people.

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