The best of 2020

Since it’s a time for looking back as well as looking forward, we wanted to share with you some of Adamah’s best articles from 2020, in case you missed them … or to enjoy again.

The capacity to disagree with others – without being disagreeable – has always been within reach. And, as sometimes happens when something is right under your nose, you often don’t see it. 

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This article was article spotted by an editor for Vogue, and Bianca has been invited onto her podcast to discuss the issues her article raises. (Watch this space, and we’ll share the link to the podcast when it is available.)

When I first moved to the United Kingdom in 2012, I felt a surprising sense of liberation in wearing numerous layers of clothes to protect me from the much feared London weather. As a teenager born and raised in Brazil, it was a wildly different experience to me, but a welcome one at the time. 

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Of course one thing that wasn’t cancelled by Covid was the explosion of protests, marches, vandalism and conversations of the Black Lives Matter movement. We want to reshare Joseph Evan’s brilliant article:

Racism is fundamentally a lie. It denies the true dignity of someone, viewing them falsely as inferior because of the colour of their skin, the shape of their face or the country of origin on their passport. But the answer to it is not to counter it with other lies, as well-intentioned as these might be.

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So I’ve been holding my breath. A soul-apnea perhaps, if souls had lungs. I just realised. I began holding my breath, and stifling my sighs too, on February 20. 

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Enjoyed the best of 2020?

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