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Rewriting the history books

(7 minute read) Maddy Fry examines how the efforts of a little known group of women have contributed to keeping racism alive in the southern US.

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Why football may not be ready to come home

(4 minute read) Neo Kalungu-Banda says England still has much to learn – and not only on the pitch.

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When things aren’t always black and white

(6 minute read)
Adam Brocklehurst offers a biracial perspective on Meghan-gate.

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The best of 2020

Since it’s a time for looking back as well as looking forward, we wanted to share with you some of Adamah’s best articles from 2020, in case you missed them … or to enjoy again.

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Not just skin-deep: racism’s lasting wounds

(9 minute read)
Joseph Evans finds himself reflecting deeply on the reality of racism during a panel discussion, and discovers new horizons of pain he had never before considered.

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Toppling the truth: a monumental matter

(7 minute read)
Donal Durrihy takes an alternative view to the prevailing mood on the removal of controversial statues.

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