Dr Clare Campbell Author

Dr Clare Campbell has been a teacher for 22 years and a Headteacher for 12 years in schools in the UK, she is the author of A Year of Mindfulness: Guided Meditations for Christian Schools, Drawn to the Word, Be the Change and two children’s books. She is also an artist and draws and paints in her free time. You can see her work at @coloursofkindn1 on Twitter or www.coloursofkindess.co.uk

Art & CultureMental Health

The artful and art full school

(7 minute read)
Clare Campbell says it’s time to recognise the role of art as therapy in schools.

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FamilyMental HealthThought-provoking

Be like a tree

(6 minute read)
Clare Campbell finds powerful life lessons amid the branches and roots …

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A headteacher’s pandemic diary

(13 minute read)
Clare Campbell writes movingly of life under lockdown in the classroom.

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