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Adam Brocklehurst graduated from Luther King House in association with the University of Manchester with a Masters in Contextual Theology, after undertaking his Bachelor’s degree in History Theology and Ethics at Bishop Grosseteste University Lincoln, and did much better than he or anyone else expected.

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The silent power of altruism

(6 minute read)
Adam Brocklehurst examines the life-changing potential of small acts of charity and solidarity.

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Art & Culture

The artist who caught a world in flux

(7 minute read)
L. S. Lowry’s charming matchstick men are loved and loathed in equal measure. But as Adam Brocklehurst points out, there was more to Lowry than quirky depictions of northern English grime. He has a message for a society coming to grips with a new normal …

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Reading a building colonially

(8 minute read)
They’re pulling down statues, but what about houses? Adam Brocklehurst looks behind the bricks and mortar to discover challenging truths about the culture that crafted some of England’s most iconic buildings.

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