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The little boy


wants to cry

but I won’t let him

the little boy

deep inside

would like to weep

but I can’t let him

because the tears’ 


would flood


and drown

and I have no 

happy Ark to bear me

to a smiling shore

and so!


I bar and barricade

the door

keeping him immured

in dark

shan’t let him grieve

Betrayed –

eyes dry

he is content to wait

because he understands

my dry-eyed pride!

Then I realise – too late – 

the door opens

from his side.

Peter McCrudden Convery was born in Paisley in 1926 and died in London in 2017. A poet, teacher, actor and great humanitarian he was much loved by students, family and friends alike.His poetry covers the big dilemmas and the little delights of life with wisdom and sensitivity.

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