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Bianca Costa Sales is a lifelong book enthusiast who wishes she could time-travel to the 1790s and take tea with her favourite authors. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she is currently doing an MA in Eighteenth-Century Studies at King’s College London. A self-styled "comma chameleon", she has worked as a translator of novels, film subtitles, and song lyrics, and is an ardent advocate for the reconciliation of the Christian and Feminist worldviews. Bianca is a Staff Writer for Adamah.

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Hunting witches: the shaming of women’s bodies

(11 minute read)
Following her earlier article, Pretty Hurts, Bianca Costa Sales examines the double standards, injustices and cultural oversights in society’s treatment of women.

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LifestyleMental Health

In a rocking boat: a personal experience of mental illness, productivity, and faith

(7 minute read)
Bianca Costa Sales reveals the stresses of student life in a foreign land can lead to both desperation and hope.

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LifestyleMental HealthThought-provoking

Pretty Hurts: The cult of (physical) beauty in Brazil

(9 minute read)
When bodily beauty matters as much as it does in a country like Brazil, the cost can be not only financial but also personal. Bianca Costa Sales explains.

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HistorySocial Issues

Promising more than achieving? The French Revolution and today

When it comes to protecting the rights of minorities and guaranteeing new freedoms, even well-intentioned efforts can have unforeseen consequences. As Bianca Costa Sales points out, history can be a great teacher in this endeavour.

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Art & CultureSocial Issues

Between the lines: is a non-feminist approach to Jane Austen possible?

TV and film adaptations of Jane Austen novels either descend into rom-coms or recreate her characters as modern feminist icons. But Bianca Costa Sales proposes an alternative approach.

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“Never again”, the humanising power of war literature

In the aftermath of conflict, language must serve constructive ends and, crucially, suggest the necessary changes to be made in order to prevent future repetition of violence and bloodshed. Bianca Costa Sales discusses the important role of war literature.

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LifestyleMental Health

“A state of perpetual panic”: the lost art of pressing the Pause button

Soul gym is just as essential as body gym, and sometimes it’s the time spent in stillness that makes the time spent in activity truly fruitful. Bianca Costa Sales invites us to draw breath.

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