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Dilemmas in death

(8 minute read)
When law, ethics and emotions collide, clear thinking is needed, says David Albert Jones.

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Death in modern America

(6 minute read)
The execution of Lisa Montgomery must be a wake-up call to America, argues Monica Amendola, who sees the state-sponsored killing of citizens as a grim practice which has had its day.

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The sex scandal that the tabloids ignore

(8 minute read)
Only international pressure will save young girls from kidnap and forced marriage in Pakistan, says John Pontifex.

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To lock down or not to lock down? Part 1

(3 minute read)
Michael Wee discusses the ethics of decision-making about lockdown.

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Do international courts of human rights promote or curb our freedom? One of Europe’s top judges replies.

(12 minute read)
Never afraid to express his views when his conscience demanded it, Judge De Gaetano talks about some of his experiences answering questions from our correspondent José Young.

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