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Time to make peace with nature … but how?

(7 minute read)
Richard Bauckham ponders the great challenge to creation posed by our everyday destructiveness.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Crackdown in China: it’s time to end the silence on human rights atrocities

(11 minute read)
While the world looks away, atrocities committed by the Chinese Government grow ever-more serious. Benedict Rogers asks readers to confront the horrifying reality of life in modern day China for ethnic and religious minorities.

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To be or not to be: the triumph of Logos or why Hamlet was right all along

(11 minuet read)
Can anything really explain everything? Dominic Swords examines a book which thinks it has found the answer.

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Mental Health

It’s okay to be broken

(6 minute read)
Lizzie Wakeling offers practical advice on learning to cope with anxiety and depression and explains how singing badly and sewing well can help put you back together again.

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COVID-19Mental Health

Mental health in an age of pandemic: three strategies for staying well in a crisis

(7 minute read)
Clinical Psychologist Dr Michael Ross analyses the challenges of staying well, and offers some strategies for good mental health

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Social Issues

Putting economics at the service of humanity – Pope Francis’ appeal to young professionals

(5 minute read)
Nobel laureates Amartya Sen and Muhammad Yunus will join Pope Francis and over 2,000 young economists for a three-day workshop which aims to foster a more human economy. By Ronnie Convery.

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Art & Culture

Child’s Song

I had a silver penny once
and a yellow toy balloon
But I lost my penny
down a drain
and the wind stole
my balloon.

A poem by Peter McCrudden Convery

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Art & Culture


I am clay, dust,
Colour of rust,
Earthy, muddy,
Soil born, ruddy,
So feminine,
Cursed by sin.

A poem by Joseph Evans

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