John-Luke Harris Author

John-Luke is a trumpet teacher and performer currently based in Scotland. After graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music, John-Luke’s interest in psychology, philosophy and mental health led him to undertake an MSc in Counselling at Abertay University where he is currently training as a pluralistic therapist. At Adamah Media, he hopes to help, encourage and challenge people through his writing.

Mental HealthSocial Issues

Have we forgotten how to be anxious?

(4 minute read) John-Luke Harris asks, and answers, a question which affects us all: how do we deal with psychological wounds?

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The Tayside Derby: a game of two halves

(6 minute read)
John-Luke Harris finds a corner of Britain where football fans have learned to disagree without being disagreeable.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Jordan Peterson: Misunderstood or a dangerous character?

**NEW CONVERSATIONAL VIDEO** With budding therapist John-Luke Harris we discuss controversial Jordan Peterson, delving into the ideas of Frankl, Jung, Solzhenitsyn and Nietzsche in an attempt to go beyond polarised headlines.

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Frankl and his shadow

(6 minute read)
John-Luke Harris urges us to examine the line that runs through our own hearts to find the source of good and evil in the world.

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COVID-19Mental Health

Finding ourselves through loss

(7 minute read)
John-Luke Harris believes that all we have lost in lockdown might be key to finding ourselves once it ends.

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