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Professor Richard Bauckham is one of today's leading biblical scholars. He has taught at Manchester University and the University of St Andrews, is a fellow of the British Academy and is now Senior Scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. His many works include the highly acclaimed Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. When he can find the time he writes poetry and has also written two children’s story books about the MacBears of Bearloch. You can go to his website on


Weary, worried and waiting

(4 minute read)
Richard Bauckham reflects on the special strains of a new lockdown in the UK.

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Time to make peace with nature … but how?

(7 minute read)
Richard Bauckham ponders the great challenge to creation posed by our everyday destructiveness.

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It’s an ill virus that blows nobody any good

(9 minute read)
Richard Bauckham looks back to a Middle Age fair to make sense of the Covid pandemic.

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COVID-19Social Issues

“Anthropause”: can lockdown teach us to form a new relationship with creation?

(6 minute read)
We can and must learn from these months of forced pause to live with and not against nature, argues Richard Bauckham.

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Let us tune in …

(7 minute read)
Richard Bauckham speculates on the advantages of anonymity, the ‘big questions of life’, and the lessons to be learned from streaming religious services.

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Easter hope in a time of pandemic

(5 minute read)
In his latest reflection on self-isolation, Richard Bauckham argues that we must dig deeper to discover the true nature of hope in the midst of this pandemic.

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COVID-19LifestyleMental Health

The sounds of silence

(3 minute read)
In his second reflection on self-isolation Richard Bauckham finds that forgotten sounds can be our best friends.

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Creating new kinds of contact

(5 minute read)
Richard Bauckham sees the positive side of his Covid 19 self-isolation.

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