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The Tayside Derby: a game of two halves

(6 minute read)
John-Luke Harris finds a corner of Britain where football fans have learned to disagree without being disagreeable.

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A new way to promote human rights

(8 minute read)
‘Covenantal pluralism’ might not be the catchiest of terms but it could be a key approach to help human rights flourish around the globe, argue W. Christopher Stewart, Chris Seiple and Dennis R. Hoover.

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Have yourself a merry Adamah Christmas … by listening

For a season which is habitually designated as one of goodwill, Christmas this year is struggling to live up to its reputation. Divisions in society are chasming into ruptures – the sharp, noisy drill of a pandemic on otherwise healthy soil has left deep cracks. Political and cultural earthquakes in Britain and America (think Trump, […]

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Don’t interrupt!

(8 minute read)
The golden rule for effective and enriching dialogue is simple to state, but devilishly difficult to put into practice, as Andrew Scott found out.

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When religious values help fight a virus

(5 minute read)
Hajra Rehman explains the core principles of Islam which have helped keep the pandemic under control in Muslim nations.

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Hunting witches: the shaming of women’s bodies

(11 minute read)
Following her earlier article, Pretty Hurts, Bianca Costa Sales examines the double standards, injustices and cultural oversights in society’s treatment of women.

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