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Being the other at home

(4 minute read) Lisa Fraser lifts the curtain on the battle for Britishness and considers what integration really means.

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Stroll with Nicole

When home is not a place but a mindset

(2 minute read) Nicole Law asks what it means to feel at home.

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Saving the planet at the supermarket …

(5 minute read)
Jemima Childs reckons cutting down on meat can be a piece of cake.

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What would Poirot do?

(6 minute read)
Kenson Li learns lessons for lockdown from the great fictional sleuth.

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For the valleys I sing

(2 minute read)
Leonard Franchi writes a hymn to the life of valley villages, from the Vale of Leven to the Valle del Comino.

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Nurse Ratched vs Fred Rogers: Order without peace

(10 minute read)
Jeff Nottingham sees echoes of his good and bad parenting approaches in two characters from US culture – the admirable Fred Rogers and the scary Nurse Ratched.

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Some Days are Diamonds …

(6 minute read)
Seeing the world with new eyes can turn the worst of times into the best of times, says teacher and tired-out mum Marie McCoy.

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Downsizing: how to cope when the children leave home

(3 minute read)
Mary McGinty explains how moving house once her children had grown up and departed made her shed tears of both sadness and joy.

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Creating new kinds of contact

(5 minute read)
Richard Bauckham sees the positive side of his Covid 19 self-isolation.

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