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Europe’s last dictatorship

(5 minute read) Maddy Fry shines a spotlight on the brutal reality of life inside Belarus.

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Magna Carta – a very modern charter

(6 minute read) Edward Kendall finds surprisingly relevant lessons from one of Europe’s greatest historical documents. 

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Food, faith and family

(4 minute read) Giovanna Eusebi reveals how to value food and make it a priceless bond in relationships.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Navigating the post-Brexit world

(6 minute read) A French national living in the UK opens her heart about the challenges and opportunities of living in Britain after Brexit.

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Trapped by the floods in Germany

(4 minute read) José Santos, a Portuguese doctor, recounts his dramatic experience during the recent floods in Germany.

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“I think more about what I can do than my limitations”

(5 minute read) Xavi Argemí is a young man who needs 24/7 attention. He can’t walk or do the normal things other young people do. But he wants the world to know how happy he is.

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Why football may not be ready to come home

(4 minute read) Neo Kalungu-Banda says England still has much to learn – and not only on the pitch.

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Helping the vulnerable access the internet

(4 minute read) Paola Oriunno looks at efforts to close the ‘digital divide’ in Italy.

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Taking off while sitting still

(7 minute read) Isa Grassano explores an innovative approach to travel in Covid times. Is digital tourism from home the future?

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What’s going on in Hungary: an attack on the LGBT movement or a defence of the family?

(6 minute read) Kristof Eger scrutinises the polarising new legislation which has pitted his country against the European Union.

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