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“I think the way governments around the world dealt with the pandemic led young people to get more interested in politics”

(5 minute read) 19 year old Neo Kalungu-Banda reflects on the last 18 months and explains how young people can grow through their challenges.

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The Coronavirus and ‘The Great Operation’

(10 minute read)
Rosemary Milne offers useful advice on how to remain fully human in a digital age.

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Flying high: what birds, artists and time have in common

(8 minute read)
Three books take Prakarsh Singh into new dimensions of being.

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Five ways to lose weight in Lent

(3 minute read)
Joseph Evans argues that Lent has a meaning for believers and non-believers alike.

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Promising more than achieving? The French Revolution and today

When it comes to protecting the rights of minorities and guaranteeing new freedoms, even well-intentioned efforts can have unforeseen consequences. As Bianca Costa Sales points out, history can be a great teacher in this endeavour.

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“A state of perpetual panic”: the lost art of pressing the Pause button

Soul gym is just as essential as body gym, and sometimes it’s the time spent in stillness that makes the time spent in activity truly fruitful. Bianca Costa Sales invites us to draw breath.

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