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Escaping the echo chamber

(7 minute read)
Hajra Rehman says it’s time to be brave enough to listen to those who think differently to ourselves.

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Social Issues

Facebook, facts and fake news

(4 minute read)
There is an alarming spread of false information on social media, says Monica Amendola. But what to do about it is the big question …

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Editorial: All change, please!

(5 minute read)
Words can be like old friends. You don’t come across them for years and then they pop up, return to prominence and become once more part of your everyday life.

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Is a new form of journalism possible in the internet age?

(6 minute read)
Thanks to the internet anyone can be a journalist. But has this really contributed to truth and social cohesion? Ronnie Convery learns from a master communicator that there is a better way forward.

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