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The Adamah Antidote

The Adamah Antidote : Episode 1

In episode 1 of our brand new podcast series, we speak to Maddy Fry about the changing shape of journalism, the role of religion in divisions in society and much more.

Journalism is changing and that requires journalists to change too! In the first episode of our brand new podcast ‘The Adamah Antidote’, Ronnie Convery discusses these challenges with Maddy Fry, a freelance writer from London.

They focus on the cultural landscape which is heavily marked by division. In the UK the Brexit referendum has left the country split and in Northern Ireland ancient divisions based on religion are still damaging social coherence.

Maddy Fry specialises in writing about the roots of division – recent articles have covered such areas as Northern Ireland and the Balkans – and searches for constructive solutions to the divides.

The discussion also touches on the future of journalism in such a climate.

The speakers suggest the practice of reading a newspaper which does not typically express our own point of view to allow our minds to be open to understanding the alternative outlook.

Also discussed is the ‘dumbing down’ of debate – perhaps through the impact of social media – and the challenges this poses to constructive journalism.  The need for well-researched, balanced articles is great, but the challenge is to make them readable to a wide public. There lies the challenge for the journalist committed to constructive journalism.

Finally the participants examine the role of religion in divisions in society and expose the myth often quoted that ‘without religions there would be no wars’.

The podcast ends with Maddy offering her recommendations for good films and TV series in coming weeks which reflect the themes above and propose a constructive future.

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Ronnie Convery is a journalist and broadcaster who has written for a variety of publications in the UK and Italy. Currently he divides his time between directing communications at the Archdiocese of Glasgow and serving as Italian Honorary Consul in the city. He has a long background in print and TV, a strong presence on social media and recently penned a book entitled Reclaiming the Piazza (about creating space for dialogue to overcome division). Ronnie is Associate Editor of Adamah.

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