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Faith in the workplace: how to build inclusive environments

(8 minute read)
Lisa Fraser argues that respecting the religious convictions of a workforce is a win-win situation for employers and employees alike.

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A guide for restless hearts: in conversation with a classic of world literature

(4 minute read)
It’s time to explore your own mystery, says Luca La Monica, guided by one of history’s greatest thinkers.

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Art & CultureFamily

Telling life’s real stories

(8 minute read)
The best stories are often those not written down, believes Joseph Evans.

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Social Issues

Europe, stop betraying yourself

(3 minute read)
Joe Borg argues that solidarity is a Christian-inspired value which is fundamental to the European Union. Yet in their treatment of migrants some countries are invoking Christianity to betray this value.

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Let us tune in …

(7 minute read)
Richard Bauckham speculates on the advantages of anonymity, the ‘big questions of life’, and the lessons to be learned from streaming religious services.

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Why video didn’t kill the radio star in the Bel Paese

(6 minute read)
Luca La Monica switches on the radio to chronicle changes in Italy’s relationship with the sacred and the profane.

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Easter hope in a time of pandemic

(5 minute read)
In his latest reflection on self-isolation, Richard Bauckham argues that we must dig deeper to discover the true nature of hope in the midst of this pandemic.

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Art & Culture

When is a painting not just a painting?

(4 minute read)
Luca La Monica goes behind the masterpiece by Raphael, ‘School of Athens’, and discovers a recipe for a new way of living.

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Illuminating the “Dark” Ages

(8 minute read)
Jasmine Jones reveals that the Middle Ages were not as dark as is often claimed and finds that women played a surprisingly powerful role in society.

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Social IssuesThought-provoking

Asking the wrong question: how we are putting the Amazon and the world at risk

(11 minute read)
The future of the Amazon raises fundamental ethical and spiritual questions which we should all consider, even – perhaps especially – in the West, Joseph Evans argues.

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