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Tired of Tribalism 2: Adamah Chats

(30 minute listen) Join Joseph Evans and Ronnie Convery as they discuss the changes taking place in higher education institutions across the globe.

In our new mini podcast series ‘Tired of Tribalism’, our editors aim to go beneath the surface and unpick some key topics which have featured in recent Adamah articles.

Do we place too much focus on STEM subjects? Is it important for everyone to study both the arts and sciences to produce well-rounded students? Has the study of the humanities gone crazy, losing itself in weird ideologies? What do the arts and humanities need to do to win again public confidence?

Our editors, Ronnie Convery and Joseph Evans reflect on recent articles by Samantha Seidu and Jukka Savolainen to discuss the changing shape of higher education in our latest podcast episode. Click here to listen on Spotify, or press play below.

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Ronnie Convery is a journalist and broadcaster who has written for a variety of publications in the UK and Italy. Currently he divides his time between directing communications at the Archdiocese of Glasgow and serving as Italian Honorary Consul in the city. He has a long background in print and TV, a strong presence on social media and recently penned a book entitled Reclaiming the Piazza (about creating space for dialogue to overcome division). Ronnie is Associate Editor of Adamah.

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