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The Adamah Antidote

The Adamah Antidote: Episode 2

(1 minute read) In episode 2 of our brand new podcast series, we speak to Zufi Deo about how he is working with a team of professionals to support refugee entrepreneurs.


Zufi Deo is an innovator and entrepreneur. He has spoken about refugee issues at a range of global events such as the Sharing Economy Global Summit and Digital Impact Week. He is the co-founder of BizGees, a team of professionals using their commercial expertise to support refugee entrepreneurs in new and innovative ways. Adamah Media has recently formed a partnership with BizGees.


In this episode, Ronnie Convery speaks to Zufi about how BizGees supports and empowers refugees to become autonomous. Zufi shares stories of how BizGees has helped refugees to form their own businesses selling kerosene lamps and recyclable women’s sanitary products.


When quizzed on BizGee’s future in Western nations, Zufi highlights that 85% of refugees are currently hosted in developing countries. This sparks a discussion about the ‘refugee crisis’ rhetoric which features so heavily in Western news.


Click here to listen. 


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Ronnie Convery is a journalist and broadcaster who has written for a variety of publications in the UK and Italy. Currently he divides his time between directing communications at the Archdiocese of Glasgow and serving as Italian Honorary Consul in the city. He has a long background in print and TV, a strong presence on social media and recently penned a book entitled Reclaiming the Piazza (about creating space for dialogue to overcome division). Ronnie is Associate Editor of Adamah.

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