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The Marvel-lous world of the family

(7 minute read)
Superheroes they may be, but they still need a loving home. Tom Willcox finds a discreet pro-family message in Marvel movies.

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Editorial: 7th February 2020

Last week the world was humbled into silence by the memory of the Shoah. With that same spirit of genuine humility, we now present the latest edition of Adamah.

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The life and soul of salmon

(8 minute read)
Jonny Parreno journeys from the supermarket counter to the moon in the company of the simple salmon, and uncovers great pearls of wisdom along the way

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Art & CultureHistory

Closing the Circle: Travelling with ‘The Railway Man’

Kevin Murphy recalls a meeting with Eric Lomax, one of the real-life survivors of the construction of the infamous bridge over the River Kwai. Lomax wrote about his experiences in the acclaimed book The Railway Man, published 25 years ago this year.

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HistorySocial Issues

Promising more than achieving? The French Revolution and today

When it comes to protecting the rights of minorities and guaranteeing new freedoms, even well-intentioned efforts can have unforeseen consequences. As Bianca Costa Sales points out, history can be a great teacher in this endeavour.

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Art & Culture

Finding middle ground: A review of The Two Popes film

Kiran Makwana believes that for all its simplifications, The Two Popes can help Catholics go beyond the divisions in the Church.

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LifestyleMental HealthThought-provoking

Retreating to victory, and how silence takes us forward

In this second article in his Travelling where I am series, Joseph Evans explores silence’s hidden power and how it is necessary to make any journey meaningful.

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Art & Culture

Poetry page

Three poems exploring the refugee crisis, abandoned children and the power of silence.

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A mum on the move: diary of a new life

Entry two: Glose discovers how publicly smothering your child in Sudocrem can win you and your family priority boarding on Lufthansa. Try it and see.

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HistorySocial IssuesThought-provoking

Fighting totalitarianism: lessons from the White Rose resistance Part II 

At a time when many academics were bowing to the Nazi system, Paul Shrimpton describes how a small group of students courageously opposed it.

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