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On graves and greatness

(4 minute read)
Walking through graveyards in Scotland and Italy becomes a surprisingly life-affirming experience for Leonard Franchi.

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Hunting witches: the shaming of women’s bodies

(11 minute read)
Following her earlier article, Pretty Hurts, Bianca Costa Sales examines the double standards, injustices and cultural oversights in society’s treatment of women.

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The silent power of altruism

(6 minute read)
Adam Brocklehurst examines the life-changing potential of small acts of charity and solidarity.

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Success: are we there yet?

(9 minute read)
Lisa Fraser argues that success is always a journey and never a final destination. And we are more successful, the more we share our success.

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Life is not that deep: the art of taking offences without taking offence

(7 minute read)
Nana Boatemaa offers a nine step guide to finding inner peace even when wounded by others.

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To be or not to be: the triumph of Logos or why Hamlet was right all along

(11 minuet read)
Can anything really explain everything? Dominic Swords examines a book which thinks it has found the answer.

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COVID-19Social Issues

“Anthropause”: can lockdown teach us to form a new relationship with creation?

(6 minute read)
We can and must learn from these months of forced pause to live with and not against nature, argues Richard Bauckham.

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A guide for restless hearts: in conversation with a classic of world literature

(4 minute read)
It’s time to explore your own mystery, says Luca La Monica, guided by one of history’s greatest thinkers.

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Nurse Ratched vs Fred Rogers: Order without peace

(10 minute read)
Jeff Nottingham sees echoes of his good and bad parenting approaches in two characters from US culture – the admirable Fred Rogers and the scary Nurse Ratched.

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Easter hope in a time of pandemic

(5 minute read)
In his latest reflection on self-isolation, Richard Bauckham argues that we must dig deeper to discover the true nature of hope in the midst of this pandemic.

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