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The little boy
wants to cry
but I won’t let him

A poem by Peter McCrudden Convery

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A mum on the move: diary of a new life 

What’s it like to pack your life up into cardboard boxes and move across the sea? A new diary, beginning today, by Glose Jeanjean charts the challenges of taking her family towards a new life in another land.

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There was no room but each excuse had its own space,
Every negation required its own dimensions.
Comfort of course demands numerous metres squared,

A poem by Joseph Evans

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A refugee’s Christmas

At Christmas, along with the merriment, it can help to focus on one very specific refugee family: that of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Juliette Flach considers the modern day relevance of the Christmas story.

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Art & Culture

Advent promise or smoke screens and mirrors?

Modern technology takes Sr Carolyn Morrison back to 15th century Italy to discover a Renaissance masterpiece. But does it work?

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Art & CultureHistory

The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Why writing is wonderful

Humans have used the written word for centuries, yet it is being replaced by computer work-processing. Harking back to medieval literature, Jasmine Jones discusses the beauty of writing, and our duty as humans to appreciate and preserve it.

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“Never again”, the humanising power of war literature

In the aftermath of conflict, language must serve constructive ends and, crucially, suggest the necessary changes to be made in order to prevent future repetition of violence and bloodshed. Bianca Costa Sales discusses the important role of war literature.

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Editorial: 6th December 2019

Listen, don’t shout. Talk calmly, don’t lecture. Laugh, don’t scream. Call this naively idealistic, if you like, but we’re launching Adamah with a hope, and yes a prayer, that it might just work… Co-founders Joseph Evans and Luke Wilkinson introduce our first edition.

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LifestyleMental Health

“A state of perpetual panic”: the lost art of pressing the Pause button

Soul gym is just as essential as body gym, and sometimes it’s the time spent in stillness that makes the time spent in activity truly fruitful. Bianca Costa Sales invites us to draw breath.

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Social Issues

Vote For Virtue: Five things to consider when heading to the polls

As the United Kingdom heads for its third general election in four years, Luke Wilkinson considers how the British people can vote virtuously to build a country of character.

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