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Being a grandma in a time of pandemic …

(7 minute read)
Marian Green misses physical contact with her grandchildren but is finding new (and old) ways to keep in touch.

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Immoral Pursuits: the authoritarian manipulation of religious and spiritual values

(8 minute read)
History offers all too many examples of authoritarian rulers using religion for their own oppressive ends, argue Tiare Gatti Mora, Laura Magro and Hajra Rehman. It’s time to make a change.

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Learning to disagree without being disagreeable in five steps … or rather in five fingers

(9 minute read)
Italian author and broadcaster Bruno Mastroianni offers a humorous but thoughtful guide to respectful dialogue using an unusual prop – the fingers of his hand.

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Pretty Hurts: The cult of (physical) beauty in Brazil

(9 minute read)
When bodily beauty matters as much as it does in a country like Brazil, the cost can be not only financial but also personal. Bianca Costa Sales explains.

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