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Taking the temperature of COP26

(4 minute read) Martin Poulsom of the University of Roehampton in London draws on the Christian tradition to offer a verdict on the recent UN conference and the climate emergency.

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Stroll with Nicole

Learning to love your body

(3 minute read) Nicole Law explores the internal battles which lead to acceptance of our appearance.

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Miscarriage in the shadow of abortion

(5 minute read) “How are women to grieve in a society that does not recognize their children as real babies?” asks Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo.

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Misunderstanding, media and the menopause

(5 minute read) Madi Apthorpe dares to mention the unmentionable in a plea for more openness on women’s health issues.

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Why do Americans never take holidays?

(6 minute read) Monica Sharp examines the unhealthy work ethic which diminishes quality of life in the US.

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“I think more about what I can do than my limitations”

(5 minute read) Xavi Argemí is a young man who needs 24/7 attention. He can’t walk or do the normal things other young people do. But he wants the world to know how happy he is.

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