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HistorySocial Issues

Rewriting the history books

(7 minute read) Maddy Fry examines how the efforts of a little known group of women have contributed to keeping racism alive in the southern US.

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Social Issues

Out of Africa

(5 minute read) Clare Campbell experienced some of her greatest lessons in life under the Kenyan sun, on a mission with the Salesian Sisters.

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Lessons from the outdoors

(5 minute read) Clare Campbell ventures beyond the classroom for some alternative learning from the outdoors.

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Can we teach children to be good?

(4 minute read) Maria Patricia Williams examines the many methods teachers have used to encourage positive values in the classroom.

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Mental HealthSocial Issues

Out of the mouth of babes

(4 minute read) Headteacher Clare Campbell learnt precious lessons about beauty when she asked some ‘Big Questions’ to a group of young children.

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