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The party’s over, and why this might be just what Nigeria needs

(7 minute read)
Joshua Nwachukwu investigates the extraordinary cult of celebration in African society, and suggests the pandemic may have forced much-needed change.

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Walls, walls everywhere …

(5 minute read)
Ronnie Convery highlights the dangers of public policies which foment populism and favour division, even in the midst of a pandemic.

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Happy Easter

Adamah wishes all its readers a joyful and blessed Easter, even in coronavirus confinement.

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There was no room but each excuse had its own space,
Every negation required its own dimensions.
Comfort of course demands numerous metres squared,

A poem by Joseph Evans

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A refugee’s Christmas

At Christmas, along with the merriment, it can help to focus on one very specific refugee family: that of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Juliette Flach considers the modern day relevance of the Christmas story.

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