Luca La Monica Author

Luca La Monica is a Religious Education teacher working in secondary schools and living in Glasgow, Scotland. He has an MSc in Philosophy from the University of Salerno (Italy) and MSc in Educational Studies at the University of Glasgow. His main interests are religion, philosophy, education and Italian culture.


A walk down history lane …

(9 minute read)
Luca La Monica takes the reader on a fascinating wander down the main street of his home town in Southern Italy.

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Art & CultureHistoryThought-provoking

A guide for restless hearts: in conversation with a classic of world literature

(4 minute read)
It’s time to explore your own mystery, says Luca La Monica, guided by one of history’s greatest thinkers.

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Why video didn’t kill the radio star in the Bel Paese

(6 minute read)
Luca La Monica switches on the radio to chronicle changes in Italy’s relationship with the sacred and the profane.

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Art & Culture

When is a painting not just a painting?

(4 minute read)
Luca La Monica goes behind the masterpiece by Raphael, ‘School of Athens’, and discovers a recipe for a new way of living.

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