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The efficiency of evil: Auschwitz and the detail of genocide

(7 minute read)
Ronnie Convery is shocked by the minutiae of a death camp and its hideous attention to detail.

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Success: are we there yet?

(9 minute read)
Lisa Fraser argues that success is always a journey and never a final destination. And we are more successful, the more we share our success.

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Art & Culture

The artist who caught a world in flux

(7 minute read)
L. S. Lowry’s charming matchstick men are loved and loathed in equal measure. But as Adam Brocklehurst points out, there was more to Lowry than quirky depictions of northern English grime. He has a message for a society coming to grips with a new normal …

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Reading a building colonially

(8 minute read)
They’re pulling down statues, but what about houses? Adam Brocklehurst looks behind the bricks and mortar to discover challenging truths about the culture that crafted some of England’s most iconic buildings.

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Many Happy Returns

(7 minute read)
Marie McCoy recalls the link between happy birthdays and traumatic births and finds good reason to celebrate.

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COVID-19HistorySocial Issues

Three lessons from a city under siege

(3 minute read)
Ronnie Convery draws lessons from his parents on how to confront coronavirus.

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