Tolkien’s formative years in Birmingham … a conversation with William Sherwood

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New Conversational Video … Sean Organ interviews William Sherwood – the Education Secretary of The Tolkien Society.

Sean and William discuss how the great author J. R. R. Tolkien’s formative years, primarily spent in Birmingham (although with glimpses of South Africa too) impacted his writing in the years following. They question whether inspiration for certain elements of the world-famous tales can be traced back to particular buildings in the Birmingham area.

You can also simply listen to the interview without the video content by visiting the ‘Podcasts’ section of our website, or by clicking here.

This interview follows a recent article by Sean Organ for Adamah Media entitled ‘Love, loss and … literature’. In this piece Sean explores various parts of Birmingham which featured in Tolkien’s life and thus potentially his writing. As a photojournalist he visited these sites directly and photographed them to illustrate his piece. Read the full article below…

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