Professor Richard Bauckham is one of today's leading biblical scholars. He has taught at Manchester University and the University of St Andrews, is a fellow of the British Academy and is now Senior Scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. His many works include the highly acclaimed Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. When he can find the time he writes poetry and has also written two children’s story books about the MacBears of Bearloch. You can go to his website on Audrey Priscilla White is a young poet and writer who shares a deep connection to Mother Nature. In her spare time she writes poetry, hikes through mountains and forests and does yoga. She loves exploring innovative and regenerative solutions to the climate crisis, one of which is helping others build a love for Nature. Her belief is that if if you love something, you will not only fight to protect it and take care of it but also you will want to spend time with it and learn about it. Fr Joseph Evans is a Catholic priest and member of the Opus Dei prelature. He has been a journalist and youth worker, and is currently a university chaplain in Oxford. He is co-founder and Editorial Director of Adamah, which he sees as bringing together some of his great passions: good writing, intelligent and honest discussion, and helping young people achieve their full potential.