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07/12/2020 – Manchester, England

On its first birthday, the online magazine, Adamah, is offering paid internship opportunities and cash prizes for budding young writers through its new competition.

Yesterday, the new online magazine, Adamah Media, successfully reached its first anniversary. To celebrate, the magazine is providing opportunities for young, talented writers seeking experience in writing and journalism. 

Adamah Media is an online magazine determined to provide a platform where a wide range of different views can be respectfully exchanged. With an underlying Christian ethos, Adamah advocates genuine openness to people who might think differently and is proud to publish writers from many different faith backgrounds. Supporters of Adamah’s work are coming together to provide internship opportunities through the crowdfunding page recently launched

The competition, now live, is open to 17-26 year olds from across the globe and has a deadline of 31st December 2020. It is free to enter and offers cash prizes of £200 for first place, £100 for second, and £50 for third. Applicants can also continue to have their writing published by Adamah Media; work with Adamah’s professional editor, gaining support and guidance for their development; and be in the running for a paid internship as a freelance writer. 

Coronavirus has caused a “cultural catastrophe“; over 400,000 creative jobs have been predicted to be lost as a result. This includes the publishing industry. The job market is very tough for any young journalist or writer, however talented they may be. Adamah is helping launch young, talented writers into fulfilling careers through the experience, feedback and opportunities offered in the competition and internship positions. 

Adamah is fighting for a kind, respectful place in the all too often vicious and hot-headed media world. In a culture filled with fake news and polarised debates, Adamah’s platform for open-minded and respectful journalism is sought by many. It always avoids polarisation and instead seeks fairness and truth in its writing. One volunteer writer for Adamah Media, who donated to Adamah’s fundraiser to support the internship positions, wrote:

“I am proud to support the intern and Adamah in the great work that Adamah is doing bringing knowledge, wisdom and thoughtfulness to journalism.”

Press Contact: Clare Cooper, Managing Editor 07936113229

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